LYRICS: Solve The Problem - stars'R'us (Prod. by 808x)



rockstar, gucci flip flop' star
loud pack, cookie sweet like pop tart
glock star, killers on my block star
flashback's flicker like some cop cars
heard 'em pray they catch a nigga off guard
push start, skrrt off on the boulevard
heard 'em pray they catch a nigga off guard
push start, skrrt off on the boulevard



alright i got it
lay back and buckle up i got this space shuttle under control that's a pinky promise
sleeping on the record these niggas still in pyjamas
navigate my way around the gotham city cops & robbers
i mean
the choir behind me, yeah they follow my lead
momma still on my case about a college degree
but i could never learn my lesson, took a dive on the deep side
promise they can't stop me 'til i cop me the beach
no need for that sugar coat shit, i wear my heart on my sleeve
she know i'm just tryna fuck on that god body physique, ay
off the top
i turn it up a notch on a weekday
give it all i got cos i never had it the easy way
they tryna break me down but the passion trapped in my dna
hoppin' out the holy ghost, practice what the preacher say
murder what she fuckin wrote
i'm just tryna beat the case before i kick this bucket over
this shit could go either way
i pray to God in me, see the sacred geometry
medulla paranoid the federalli got they eyes on me now
painkillerpapi, codename the god prochecy
back on my space odyssey
designer piff knockin' me out
colder than 40° below beneath the surface uh
the problem still on the block got the streets nervous
bump the cheesecake, 16K for my feature verses
that's a brick for every bombshell
vlone on my shirt i tell 'em waveyard the cartel
flip my rags to riches
well wishes to my foes but they gon' never catch me slippin' uh
conscience good for nothing
these corners got bad intentions
plus a couple mac 11's
rest in peace my adolescence
now my money grown
this ain't no back back in the day
but still i take a look around and see black vanity slaves
niggas call this shit the promise land
hanging down the poplar trees
cops on my front porch, tell 'em i know nothing
nigga, Socrates (I know nothing)
1600 gang and i put that on my set piece
zip lock luggage can't be trippin' over my ex piece
neighborhood watch, they got they eyes on my patek phillipe
all a sudden niggas tryna pop up like "remember me?"
put that thang in sport before i fled the scene like "adiós"
whip it 'til i hit the ground runnin' like a snotty nose
tommy keep a 100 round and I just got back on the road
if they don't know the name by now they know



contract killer
cognac sipper
christian dior slippers
this shit for my born sinners
broke nigga fly economy i mean business
lookin' like the genie man showed up and granted my 3 wishes
free bricks free bricks bricks
deliver some free smoke for sucker niggas sneak dissin'
life on the north side, i made it out the 16
said i want it all mine then i hit another lick

see the devil on my detail
talking 'bout she down for me
if i let her peep she gon' run it up a mile for me
that lil bitch a hypebeast, you call her your wifey
i say bitch get on your knees, bust it open on time for me

bodies gonna drop as soon as i get in my zone
i ain't no killer but don't try me
demons knockin' on my do'
french vanilla ciroc when i diddy bop to the bankroll
machine gun raps for all my niggas in the back flow
lowkey thinking i could be better off on my van Gogh
somewhere where between michael jordan and michaelangelo
i ride around the 6 with my windows up for antidote
fuck the status quo tryna focus on shit that matter most ay
i'm talking
key to the city
key to the Vatican
key to the car
key to that treasure box in exchange for the key to my heart
key to dream that the younger me forseen from the start
swervin' out that UFO garage and my ceiling got stars
callin' us competition when i don't see no contest
that shit a contradiction like broke niggas tryn' flex
throwback rappers runnin' they mouth about they got next
greatness runnin' through my true religions i say Jah bless
Jah bless, I say Jah bless
Yeah, Jah bless, I say



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